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Hello There!

My name is Christian 🙂 Software developer and technical writer.
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Software development & Consulting

With over 10 years of experience working in the IT industry, I have seen and supported multiple projects. Working as a development team lead enabling me to learn daily on how to manager requirements, time and expectations.


From Super yachts to trucks and food adaptive research. My Project cover a wide range of industries and users. Always looking for the next challenge!

My tech stack

Web native, loving mobile app development with Flutter. Big fan of data handling and NoSQL. Happy C# and .NET user! Various industries need the right tools.

Open Source

A lot of my projects are public available. A complete mobile game with Flutter, a .NET client for Apache CouchDB or Flutter controls directly available to you.

Technical writing

Software & Management

Since some time I’m writing on multiple topics for online publications on different platforms.

I’m interested in anything related to mobile technologies (huge fan of Flutter & Dart), backend and data management (NoSQL databases), .NET and development team and project management.

Publications I’m writing for

Adam the Automator

Sounds interesting to you?

Generating content is a time-consuming task, let me help you to get where you want to be. Let it be a review or promotion article, my goal is to provide honest and relevant information to your audience.

Orbit – A gravity puzzle game

Orbit is my first published mobile game for Android and iOS, completely written in Flutter. I made it for the great team over at What’s it all about? Go on a challenging journey by beating gravity and clearing all checkpoints With “Orbit” you will go on a calming but also challenging journey through space.Find…

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Games in Flutter- Pathfinding by example

If you are working on a game, you might need to find out how you can get from one point to another in your game world. Of course, there is always a direct way from one point to another, but what if there are obstacles in between?

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