About me – the long story

So, you want to get the long story about me? First of all, on the left thats me. My name is Christian and I’m from Germany living close to Düsseldorf.

Around the age of 6 I got my first “Computer”, nowadays, every smartphone has more power as the Commodore I got. Nevertheless, it allowed me to play with BASIC and I guess that has started everything.
Soon the Commodore had to be replaced with an Intel i486 base computer. A few years later the Pentium 2 took over a show finally to seal my fate as a developer and tech enthusiast for my life


Meanwhile, since over 10 years I work for IDEA Data Solutions located in Düsseldorf Germany, we are the leading software provider in the Super Yacht industry.
I’m in charge to manage our development and support team, spread across Europe, dealing with a wide range of customers around the world. As you might imagine fulfilling this job requires traveling and quite a big chunk of my work time goes into project, expectation and request management.
Roughly early 2019 I started to work under my own tiny “company” named DevOwl (I’m a developer and I like owls, it was an obvious choice)

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Research and Development

Alan (named after Alan Turing) is focusing on the important parts of life. He is an expert in sleeping, eating and simply doing nothing.



Chief technology officer

Always driven to explore and challenge the unknown Gnocchi will knock down even the most valuable item from your table!
Expert in sneaking and hunting down flies.

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