My tech stack

My tech grouped into three categories: mobile, web and server/ backend.
Short version:

  • .NET
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript & CSS
  • SQL
  • R & Python

A framework or technology should be a tool, like a hammer, to complete a specific task. There will never be a one fits all approach that magically solves all our issues.

Mobile world

Flutter is my top 1 framework to go when it comes to Mobile development. Serving iOS, Android and Web Flutter is a powerful tool. Still, Xamarin & Xamarin Forms are valid options depending on the desired project environment


Powered by Dart & Love

I do have published and build multiple applications using Flutter. Since it release it showed what can be archived quickly and reliable. Thanks to the single codebase getting your project to as many users as possible is included by default.

Xamarin & Xamarin Forms

.NET & C# as its best

Xamarin and Xamarin Forms are equal powerful tools. In 2016, I got certified as “Xamarin Mobile Developer”. Since this time I published and contributed to multiple applications using Xamarin.

HTML5 Native

CSS and JavaScript

Don’t underestimate what can be archived with a HTML5 application, even offline support and data storage is possible. With the right toolset, building mobile first PWA’s is a pleased experience for developers and the final user.

Backend World

Backend development is key to any application, having a good architecture allows you to scale and react on changes quickly. To be prepared you need the right tools. My toolset below shows my top 3 favorite ways to tackle any upcoming challenge.

.NET & C#

C#, C++ still my most loved languages

Since 15+ years I’m using .NET, loving C# but also working daily with VB. If you need a server-side application that scales and runs on multiple platforms you should go with .NET.


SQL Server & PostgreSQL

Daily working with SQL Server and PostgreSQL in closed and open-source projects. From small database to huge cluster setups. SQL is still a valid backend storage solution.


CouchDB, just relax

I have written a client (PillowSharp) for CouchDB. It’s in my daily tool change and I would never want to miss it anymore. If you need a powerful NoSQL solution here you go.

Web World

Living in the web, learned it the “hard” way with plain HTML CSS and JS. Meanwhile, modern web development is so far away (in good terms) that I have to admit I like it. Sleek fast and clean UI’s state management and code sharing, modern web development can be fun if done right.


Even the web gets rocked by Flutter

Again, me and my Flutter. Flutter rocks the web, providing you great UI’s null safety and state management out of the box.
Done in the right way, Flutter Web also opens the door to native mobile apps.


Server and client, .NET everywhere

Started with WebForms, moved to MVC. Learned to love Razor pages and the complete architecture behind it. Quick results and reliable service, I would at any time choose .NET for my page again.

JavaScript & CSS

Big fan of and Vue.JS

Modern JS and CSS frameworks come with reusable components, state management and build in routing. Working with these tools and for example Node.JS on the server brings the fun back to web development.

Hosting tech stack

Beside the above software and framework I’m also managing different cloud infrastructures. From Windows to Linux, from Root server to VM hosting.

Server & Cloud

HyperV and Debian, Windows Server and Acronis Backup. Replication and mirroring, hosting web and service application is part of my daily tasks.

Check out my other projects

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