Open Source

I’m using Linux (Ubuntu/Debian right now, Ubuntu Budgie) for some years, I’m pleased that people invested time and knowledge to provide such a great system. Sharing knowledge and technology to build bigger and more complex systems is what I also try to do. I do fully understand that you can’t disclose everything, everybody needs to get paid at the end. I’m producing closed source software as well, whenever possible I try to share parts or at least explain concepts.

Advanced datatable

I needed a server-side data table for one of my Flutter projects, the data table should include server-side sorting and paging. Flutter did not offer this control by default, now you can get it via or directly from my GitHub


Game made using Flutter, Flame and Box2D. You can find a series of Medium posts about zero to game:
Start with part one right away

SIR Flutter

Using the SIR model (or something close to it) to simulate the spread of a virus, still using Flame and Box2D to get some kind of simulation running. Take a look at the article about it

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