Leading management application in the yachting industry. Cloud and on-premise setup with replication, used by over 1000 vessels around the world.

Tech stack: .NET, C# & VB, MS SQL, CouchDB, Entity framework, MVC & WebForms


IDEA Mobile offers an offline first mobile app to work on board without any interruption. Available for Android and iOS. The build in data replication takes care of keeping the mobile data inline with the server.

Orbit – gravity puzzle

Orbit is cross-platform mobile game written in Flutter. I made it for the team at:
It uses a physics engine and a full-blown level editor

Tech stack: .NET, C#, SQLite, Flutter, Xamarin & Xamarin Forms


SBA is a fleet management application targeted to support any type of asset. Offering functions for stock, maintenance, purchasing and more.

Tech stack: .NET, C#, SQL Server, SQLite, Xamarin, MVC, Entity framework, Bootstrap

SKLM Database

The SKLM database was developed as a tool for the prioritisation of food constituents, including contaminants, food additives and natural components. The webpage is not yet public available.

Tech stack: .NET Core, C#, PostgreSQL, MVC, Entity framework core,


Truck fleet management platform for Pirelli tires. Integrated API to communicate with onboard units on the truck side and ride live sensor values. Initial release 2013 meanwhile replaced with Cyber Fleet Smart

Tech stack: .NET, VB, SQL Server, WebForms, UDP hardware communication

Other projects?

Beside the above bigger projects I worked on several smaller projects. Published none public apps or background services. Thanks to Apache CouchDB, I made a replication service already connecting over 100 vessels worldwide and allowing file & data exchange via satellite or mobile connection without any user interaction. Always looking for the next opportunity to create and learn 🙂

Open source? Sure!

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